Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good News

Hello all well here's the story for the week. Atleast I been getting some good news with all the crazy things that's been going on. Good news I read that all state insurance policy holders will be getting a 15% credit on their policy because of the virus problem we are having. That means I should see a credit on my charge card  from them soon.

Good news. I see since a lot of people are staying home my online stores have seen an increase in people buying which is pretty good from me. Because I always say every little bit counts.

Good news I am glad the stock market is coming back a little because I am taking a blood bath when it comes to my stocks and bonds. So if the markets come back even a little that's less money I am losing. To me that's good news.

Good news yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy and yes I purchases a little bit of junk food but I got a senior discount which  gave me 30% off of everything I purchased which was about a $10 dollar saving in my pocket. I'll take it!

Good news I got up this morning drank a good cup of coffee and still have a roof over my head any time I can do that it's always a blessing and good news.

                                                    So that's my story what do you think?

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