Tuesday, December 8, 2020


  Hello all it's not even the end of the week and I get hit with craziness. First I get a bill from the oil company since I heat my house with oil Cost $506. Then I get hit with a maintenance contract that's another $250. Then guess what happens yep I got a plumbing issue again because the house I am living in is old and things break down. Now I know that bill will be about $300-400. So it's  crazy right. All these bills. Lucky I can cover them for now but what about later.

Let's not talk about my fear of not having enough money to cover my basic expenses in the future let alone right now. I have worry issues that's just me. Well wanted to keep you updated. when they say living in New York is expensive they are not lying

                                                     That's my Story What Do You Think? 


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