Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rip Off AMonth

Good morning everyone. Well July is almost over and I am so glad. It seems that this month was try to rip me off month. Three people tried to take my money  this month.

let's start with my handy man. He wanted $1900. for work that he himself created. He gave me a verbal list of things that needed to be done on my rental home. After my partner thought about it and we talked about it. My handyman is luck if he get's $300 from me. There are small things I want him to fix. But everything else will wait or I will do it myself.  Because most of the work that he said needed done he did last year. So it does   not need to be done again. He just wanted me to pay  his rent for July  which happens to be $1900  Rip Off# 1

I got into a car accident and the  cars driver side window was knocked off. I got the police report went to my insurance agent. He told me I should have waited until a insurance adjuster came to look at my car before I replaced my mirror. Which cost me $500. My agent then goes on to tell me I might get $300 for my troubles back for the  repair. But they were not saying all this when I was paying them for insurance on a monthly basis.  So I might be out more money then I am getting back from the insurance company and my rates will go up.  Rip off #2  

I sell things on the internet. This guy purchased  six  radios nice sale $140. from me. Once he got the radios . He didn't want them and he sent me to dispute with Paypal. He wanted his money back plus shipping and handling fees.  I wrote to Paypal  telling them my side of what happened.  Paypal told the buyer to send my merchandise back before he get's a refund. The buyer sends the  merchandise incomplete. He sends me back 5  radios and not 6 . One of my radios was broken that he sent back. I explained all this to Paypal in writing and on the phone . Paypal still gave him a full refund anyway.  So now I have a broken  radio I can not sell and I am out a radio the one he kept . This is not the first time this buyer pulled this stunt. He did the same thing to another seller. He buys something then wants his money back without returning the sellers merchandise. So he get's his items  for free plus a full refund.  He's a thief and Paypal is stupid. That's why I am looking for another company that will accept payments from my customers.  With Paypal the buyer not the seller is always right!    Rip off # 3

See why I am tired  and angry this month. I have been fighting with people who either took my money or wanted to take it. Hopefully August will be a better month.
                                               So what did you think?   

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