Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy Tenants

Good afternoon everyone. I am happy and want to share that happiness with you today. OK,  here  goes I have a home that I rent out. Actually it's my childhood home that I purchased from my mother about 10 years ago, anyway I have had a total of 3 tenants in that home. these tenants stay on average about 1 year then they move on. The first tenant was a tenant from hell. Oh, she was sweet in the beginning because she needed a  place but toward the middle I had to chase her down for the rent every month. Stupid me was paying the utilities on the place because I keep the utilities in my name  thinking that she would pay me back, Which she never did.  That was stupid on my part. After it was all said and done she walked away leaving my house a mess and owing me 2 months worth of rent plus $500 in utilities.

Tenant  No 2 were also nice but desperate to find a place quickly me being nice I let them rent the place. They started paying late and then refused to do the home maintenance. Plus one time the toilet in the house backed up and they called me yelling and cursing at me to come and fix it. Needless to say it was their kids who stopped up my toilet. That was a $100 that I paid for. I  was tired of them  and they had to go  so  I  got my lawyer to send them a letter stating they had to leave. In return they sued me for the security deposit. it took two years for  us to go to housing court in new york. The outcome was out of the $2000. they gave me for  security  deposit I had to give them back $1000.00. To fix the the damage they did cost me just under  $1000. I should have gotten the whole $2000 for repairs and aggravation .

Tenant No 3 the current ones. They have been checked and rechecked by my real estate agent before they moved in. They are a nice religious couple and when I visited them yesterday to sign the new lease . The wife offered coffee and lunch. They are keeping my house clean and neat. I have a good feeling about my present tenants let's just hope that I keep that feeling.   So what do you think??  

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