Sunday, July 26, 2015

Things I Do Now.

Good Morning everyone no rant today. Thank god. I just wanted to share with you  the things that I do different now that I am not working. It's almost been a year since I left my job.

1. I wash my own  hair saving $40-60 for the month since I tend to go to the  hair dresser  twice a month.

2. I am having more no spend days since I  stopped working because I go out less and there for I don't spend money.

3  I have no need for  new clothes so the clothes in my closet is find. I am wearing them to death. Some of my clothes have holes in them since I wear them all the time and I like holes in my clothes it makes me feel free. Saving money by not having to purchase clothes for work.

4. I still eat out but now I have time to find the coupons that go with the places that I want to eat out at . Before when I was working I would just eat out and say to heck with a coupon.

5. I am more watchful of where I spend my money since I will not  be able to make it back so easily. so buying on impulse is out for me for now. I look closely at my credit cards purchases  and all  house bills coming in to make sure the charges are correct. If not they get a call from me about crazy charges believe me they will not be happy.

6. I love to gamble. I now have a gambling allowance of $20 for the month  instead of  the  $200 I had when I was working. All my winning from gambling when I do win goes in to saving and back into my gambling fund.($20)

7. When I go to flea markets and garage sales I look for things to re-sell and I look for gifts to give. I have a garage sale budget of $20. Going to garage sales and  flea markets is also my entertainment and my exercise. So I am killing 3 birds with one stone, looking for resale merchandise, entertaining myself with people and the stuff I see  plus I am working a lot.

8. My entertainment cost is zero I don't go to the movies I have a ton of movies  that my co- worker gave me while I was working. I read a lot and I use my computer for games, TV shows, reading and movies. Everything all in one. The cost of our computer being on the internet is less then $20 bucks a month.

9. Traveling I will say I spend money on.  But  I look for good bargains, discounts and whatever  I can get for free I go for it. For example this year I am going to Canada for $800 I will get on board credit of $200 and save on air fare because the boat leaves from New York.

    So that's my saving story, what do you think?

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