Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oh Shoot!!

Hello everyone. This is what happen yesterday. I was driving along minding my business in my fairly new car, and all of a sudden a cheese bus( Yellow School Bus)  drives by car  and takes off my driver side window!  I was shocked and pissed the hell off. This is a brand new car and now it's not so brand new anymore.
The driver of the cheese bus was sorry and he apologized 100 plus times. We called the police they came and took a report   which will cost me $10 to pick up at the percent in 7 days no less.. 
Now for the fun part I called my insurance agent he told me that first I need the police report. My insurance company will only pay $500 for the repair. As you can see it will cost me more then that to replace my rear view mirror and to paint over the scratches on door that the bus made. Then my insurance company told me I have to go after the bus's insurance company to get my money back. I tell you if It was not  required to have insurance I would not have it. What do I pay insurance companies for if I have to do all the work and they don't pay me the full price to get my car repaired!!!  
My total bill estimation will cost me about $1000 or more and let's not talk about me not going on vacation because this is the car that I was using to go on vacation with in a week. Sometime life just Sucks! 
So what do you think?

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