Sunday, July 19, 2015

Making a Livinging Not!!

Hello everyone, Well here is the story for today,  I am trying to make a living off of Mystery Shopping and to date I have not gotten paid. I did a shop in June and the company still owes me. Let's not talk about  the shops I did in the beginning of July.  I am still waiting on  payments from those shops to. If  your trying to make a living with mystery shopping I say don't!! You can not get or shall I say make enough money to pay your basic bills.  Let's say your monthly  bills are small like $600 for the month. First you have to find good companies who will pay you a decent amount to shop for them.. Basic  payments on shop fees are between $5-15. Once you get enough shops  to  cover your monthly expenses.

Now you have to wait to get paid and hope that your landlord, energy company , cable company and telephone company  are willing to  wait  with you. Most  mystery shopping companies  pay  you  within  4-6 week  if your luck. I have had mystery shop companies  who went out of business before I got paid and some  who just didn't want to pay me so they didn't. Yes these are some of the problems you can run in to. So I say this to you  get a part time job or keep your full time job to pay your bills. Let the mystery shopping job money that you get be extra money for you, because if your looking for these mystery shopping companies to show you the money. Trust me when I tell you they won't!  P.S. I even have to do surveys to try and make some money and you know how much they pay pennies on the dollar.  So what do you think??

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