Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's Hard!!!

 Good morning everyone. Well here's my rant for today. It's hard being a mystery shopper in todays time. First you have to look for the jobs on various companies job boards. Then you have to request the job this is after you take a test to quailfy for that job. Once you get the job you have a time frame to complete the job.When the job is finished you must now submit a  report  regarding that job.What makes it hard to be a shopper in 2015 is that your time is not valued money wise like it use to be. When I was a shopper 5 years ago I use to get all kind of  money incentives to shop. I use to shop banks, fast food, upscale stores, amusment parks, movies, hotel, casinos, restuarants. If you names it I probably shopped it and the pay was good and besides that

I would get free food, entertainment, merchandise all paid for by someone else. I loved it.. Now most of the good mystery shopping companies are gone. The 2015 shop pay is lousy $5-10 if your luck and then they want your first born before they pay you. They require so much more from you then they are paying and some of these companies feel that they are the best game in town. So If you don't do exactly has they say they will   drop you from  their company . Goodby $5 dollar jobs. I use to make a good $600-800 a month when I was mystery shopping back in the day. Now that I am back doing it  I am luck if I can make
 $50 bucks a month.
It's hard being a mystery shopper and god bless the people who do this this full time.

So what do you think?? 

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