Monday, July 20, 2015

You Crazy!!!!!

Hello everyone, Here's the latest, this morning around 10:00 am my door bell started ringing off the hook. I was in the middle of doing something so my partner got it. In walks my handy man for my rental home. He tells us that there are a few things that needs to be fixed. I just listen to him not saying a word. First he tells me that the roof on the rental needs to be  recoated with this special pant so I will not have any problems with my roof leaking.( I am not having any problems now) Then there is the hose in the front of my house the hose is broke and the water is now coming out  from the cement wall. I know that I saw what he was talking about earlier last week. My little fence in the front  of the house needed to be painted again, since is  peeling off and it looks bad.. My handyman wants to cork 3 of my windows in the back of my house and spray for termites. Which  we sprayed  3 times last year. Also he wanted to re-cement my front steps since he said the steps are cracking. I had this done last year to. All of this work and he wants $1500.00 to do it. I told him he was crazy .
 I asked him what can I get for $500 and that's my top offer, he was mad and started saying that he could not  everything so cheaply. I said ok, $1000. what can I get for $1000. and this included buying the materials and labor cost.  He looked at me and told me I was asking for to much for such a little price. So after he left  I  talk to my partner about it.  He told me that we will buy him the  materials  that he needs and have him fix the major stuff  like the roof and the steps.( he feels the handyman is trying to rip us off) We will paint and do the spraying for the termites our self. Which he feels that since we sprayed last year we should not have to spray this year again so soon. In  the end  by doing some  of the  work  ourselves  and  buying  all the materials  that is needed  all we should be really paying for is his labor cost  which should be well under  $1000.00 but we will see. So what do you think?

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