Saturday, January 4, 2020

Really TV

 Hello all Happy 2020. Here's the story for the week. My $1400 TV that I purchased 3 years ago is now broke. Yes I said broke. The volume on the Tv is not working. So now I have to call a repair man and my partner says that it will cost about $100 just for him to walk into the front door. Really!!!
I have had Tv sets that was over 20 years old still working. This only shows you that they are making junk and selling it for a high price.

Just like the refrigerator that I told you about that  broke after 4 years of usage. Besides that it's pouring with things that have to be addressed this year and it's only 4 days into the new year. I have to deal with a health issue beside trying to get rid of stuff like old cars and junk that's been laying around this house forever. A lot of stuff to deal with in 2020 .

Hope that your first 4 days of the new year is better then mind. So what do you think?

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