Saturday, January 18, 2020

No Plastic

Hello all where to start?   First I read where my Con Edison bill will be going up to about $20 extra this year. It sucks living in New York. I really live in the suburb's but it's all the same the prices of living in New York has gotten out of hand. I am paying $260 a month now for Con Edison which includes my Light & Gas but now I will be paying $270 and I am on a level billing plan. Is that crazy or what. What if I was on a fixed income I would be driving  myself crazy trying to find that extra $20 in my budget.

No plastic bags what is this! Come March 1th  2020 they are not giving out plastic bags in my grocery stores anymore. What no plastic what am I going to do when I buy groceries. The cashier told me bring my own bag. Now I have to make sure to bring bags with me everywhere. Really!

                                                            That's my story what do you think?


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