Sunday, January 3, 2021


  Hello all well here's the Story for the week. First Happy New 2021. They almost got me  meaning I got a letter from the nyc DMV. Stating that  they needed my partner signature and an eye exam for him to get his driving licenses. With covid-19 everything got delayed. So we got all the info that we needed and paid for the licensed which is $80.51 through a  credit  card. We did all this about 3 month ago.

 So why is it now I get a letter this week saying that we did not pay the DVM for my partners drivers  license. I started to pay them again until my partner told me we already paid them or else he would not have gotten his license. They almost got me I had written a check for that amount. put a stamp on the envelope and was ready to send it off on Monday.  But when I asked my partner  about it it stated we already paid for his licenses and he gave me proof.  What I am  going to do  now is  send DVM a copy of his payment with the information that they requested.

                                                      Sometimes it truly pays to ask. 

                                                So that's my story what do you think? 


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