Thursday, March 12, 2020


                                                                 Hello All..

Here's the story for the week. I got a refund form the hospital.  I am getting surgery soon and the hospital called saying that my co-pay was $750. I paid it with my charge card. I thought it was high but if that's all I have to pay from a $30,000. hospital bill I will pay the $750 and not complain.  So I get a call from the hospital saying I overpaid and they owe me $550. Which is good. They told me that I should have only paid $200. Even better. So I am waiting on the credit to go back to my charge card.

Con Edison in New York is greedy as H*ll. Here's why. I am paying the bill on my rental until I can get a tenant. Nobody is living in the house  which in returns means that no services are being used. Con Ed charges me $270 a month for an empty house. Then they got the nerve to send me a letter threating to take me to court because they can not get in to the house to read the meter. Really Con Ed I am paying your high A** bill on time at that!!  Anyway I called them and we made an appointment to  have the meter read this month. Most of the time I just read the meter myself and give them the numbers, But they stated they need to physically look at the meters. I also wanted to go on a level billing plan . They shot that down saying it's a rental property which doesn't qualify for the level billing plan.

A nice con Ed person told me that  I can have my meters changed so that they can access the meter from outside. I called the number that I was given and the person told me that service is free but it's not in my area yet. Ok Con Ed now what!!!

                                                                So what do you think?

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