Thursday, March 26, 2020

My Life Now

 Hello all well here's my week so far. This is my life right now gloves, mask and a lot of Lysol spray, wipes and hand washing. I want to know what were people doing before all of this? Was nobody washing their hands. Why must we be instructed over and over again to wash out hands. That's part of being clean or so I thought. Well  when it comes to wearing the mask I feel like I am suffocating, Yes I do wear it but it's so uncomfortable to wear.  I have to force myself to wear it because of the safety factor. But every chance I get to lower it from my face to breath air I do.

Also  with most things closed except for the basics places. What else can I do but clean my house and start getting ready for yard sale season. I am making a pile of stuff to sell as we speak and I mean I have stuff.  What you need I probably have it!

Nothing really special to report living once day at a time  while saying this to shall pass.

                                                                        Be Safe and Careful out there.

                                                                     That's my story what do you think?

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