Saturday, November 2, 2019

That Month!

 Hello All..

Here's the story for the month .. It's that time again to decide Turkey or Ham? But first I have to get  pass all the doctors appts that I have for the month. Then I can decide which one for Thanksgiving? To be truthful I am going with the cheaper one. Whoever I can get on sale that's not a chicken I am eating for Thanksgiving.

This year it's going to be simple and cheap. Plus all the calories I really don't need. My rental is coming along. Hope to have a new tenant by Jan 1th. Reason I am waiting so lone is because my bathroom window needs replacing and my window man is busy right now, Hopefully he can get back to me before December.

 That's about it for my story So what do you think?

oh yea I forget to tell you I had Con Edison come read my rental meter for the month of October. Now no one is living there at the moment so my bill should be low. Wrong I paid them $160.00 October 1th for the month of September. Now they tell me I still owed them $33. What how is that when no one was in the home using anything  electric, gas, heat ? Don't you love how energy companies  take your money for no real reason at all?

Now that's the end of my story!  

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