Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hello all well here's this week story. Again I am being sued in small claims court. Why you ask? because my freaking tenant who damaged my place wants her $2000. security deposit back. I don't think so. She did to much damage where it's cost me money to repair it. Also she failed  give me proper notice of her leaving the property so I am going for her throat in court. Meaning I am  asking for $5000. Back rent, housing repairs you name it I am asking for it. I hate when people piss me off. I get mad and even!

More Money my Con Edison just sent me a letter stating that  I can not be on level billing plan  for my gas and electric which is cheaper because no one is living in  my rental property. So I am a non resident which means I will be paying more for my Con Edison. I called them they said I would have to have payed my Con Ed bill for 1 year before I go back on level billing.  Level billing  was  easier for me because each month I know how much my Con Edison would be now it's a crap shoot!

The things I have to deal with. I guess that's life right. So that's my story what do you think?

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