Saturday, November 16, 2019


Hello all well here's the weeks story. Finally I got my check. Let me explain. When  I was working  for the city of New York they  messed up around Thanksgiving  in the 80's.  well really our  Union did . They were suppose to give each city worker a  free turkey but we never got it. So somebody took  our Union to court and a couple of years  later  we got $500 put in our name in to annuity. Not to be touched until we retired from the city.  I hate annuities but that's another story.  Anyway, I received  a  letter in September saying that if you are no longer working for the city which I am not.  I could get  the annuity  money. Which after all these years is about $1205.00. So I called they sent me the paperwork. I sent it back waited 6 weeks and the check came this week. I got $986.00 because my uncle Sam took his cut of $219.00.

I am grateful for the money. I told my partner now we can have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. He said no , put that money into a  bank cd or mutual fund with good interest rates to make money from it. He told me that's it's money I never would have had if  the union  did not mess up and get sued. So use it wisely. He 's right, besides we already have our thanksgiving meal planned, shopped and  it was cheap the way I like it.

                                                     Well that's my story what do you think?

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