Sunday, October 6, 2019

I Hate It !!!!

Hello all well here's the story  for the week. I hate going to the Home Depot by me. It's hot in there  and the employees are   always hiding when you need help. I had to make a few purchased in home depot this week. I had to purchase to bathroom vanities  they had them on sale for $50 bucks each. Which I needed to replace the two my rental tenant destroyed.  

So I when into Home Depot last week purchased the vanities and told them to hold them until this week. Went  to get the vanities today and guess what? They could not find them. Really??? It took them 1 hours to find my vanities and then one of their  employees  got an attitude  when  I ask for help to place them in my van.  The  employee said out loud "they don't pay me enough for this". All I could say was Really!! All this time the company had me waiting for my paid for stuff and now I get attitude.

I hate that store and I will be purchasing my stuff from Lowe's in the future.  Their customer service is way better then Home Depots. To me that is.

That's my story what do you think?

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