Saturday, September 28, 2019

Don't Sleep


Hello all well here's the story for the week. Don't sleep on yard sales especially when you have things you need and retail prices are not getting it. Remember when I told you about my rental home. Well I needed something for it that the last tenant destroyed like window blinds, bathroom rugs.  Material to do minor repairs with. Well I got a few things at  yard sales for cheap compared to retail stores.   

I am trying to stay within a budget for my rental property  repairs. Since now I have to buy another refrigerator for my rental property. Did I mention I purchased one 6 years ago brand new.  Now I need another one. Which will cost me about $500 buck! I hate that they do not make things to last like they use to.  So that's why whatever  other things I might need If I can get  it cheap I will.

Besides that I got a letter in the mail saying that I could get the annuity from my old job before I get to be 65. I had to mail in some forms  I should be getting a check in a couple of weeks minus the taxes. I could use it. The annuity started out with $500 courtesy of our union and in 20 years it 's now $1000. I could have made more then that if they had given me the $500 back when they put the money in the annuity.  But I am grateful for it. It was money that  was given because the union screwed up. I will use it toward a cd to see if I can  get a better return on my money then the union did in the 20 years it had the money,

                               Well that's my story for the week what do you think?

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