Tuesday, February 5, 2019


 Hello All Happy Tuesday

Well here's the story so far. I am drowning in paperwork. I have started throwing out all the paperwork that I and my partner have saved since the 70's. That's right he has paperwork from the 70's that is really not needed anymore. So out it goes. I need to organize and get rid of junk for 2019. That's one of my goals.

Also let me tell  how Princess Cruise's tricked me.

 The story goes like this I got a coupon in the mail that states princess cruises would give me 25% off my cruise , $25 in casino credit, free specialty dinning and up to $900 in onboard credit.
Well since I am going on a cruise next year I jumped on this offer. Come to find out that the only think I can get was the 25% off my cruise which did help a lot with the price. But since I was already getting  free specialty dinning and $600 on board credit with my original package I could not get the offer from the promotion that they sent. Also the $25 dollar casino credit has to be within 6 months of sailing. I am sailing next year. So that was a lost.
You see how these ships get your money. They promise you everything then when you call about it they tell you a crazy reason why you can't get it.
I love cruising I had the promises.

Well that's my story what do you think?

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