Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Am A Jackass

Good Evening Everyone. Here's the story for the week. I am a pure dee Jackass and I need this award and I will tell you why. My dumb ass spend not $5 or $20 on powerball  tickets when it was in the 1.5 billion dollar range. I spent $100 bucks. What the hell was I thinking. I know that  I never win any big prizes with lottery I am lucky if I win $5 dollars. But I did win something out of the  $100. I spent. I won $9 freaking dollars. So I am down $91 dollars. OK, you can agree with me I need this Jackass Award.

I must think  I am still working and getting a regular paycheck to spend that kinda money. which I am not. I can't even save enough coins for my challenges right now. So spending a $100 bucks to make the lottery organization  richer then there already is  so just damn dumb on my part.

I was so depressed after all of this I am off buying stuff that I do not need and really can't afford. So that's my story for today. What do you think??

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