Friday, February 14, 2020

Love this Show

Hello All..

Here's the story for the week. I am hooked on Watching Downtown Abby it's a pretty good show. I get on channel 21.1 on my tv. I have been driving myself crazy and here's why  I have to have surgery in March and before I do that I need to have a pre-surgery appt. From last Friday  the pre-surgery dept  called me to make one. When I called them back I get a machine.  The pre-surgery dept in the hospital where I need to go never calls you back. I have called 10 times and when they do call I am not home. So  what do they want me to do wait home all day to see if they will call or not. I don't think so.

Then the pre-surgery dept had the nerve to call my surgeon to tell them they have a hard time getting incontact with me. Well if you return one of my 10 voice mails we would have no problems. I tell you our health care places have gone to H*ll. What do you think?  

That's my story so what do you think? 

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