Friday, July 26, 2019

Don't Judge

Hello  all well here's the story for today Don't Judge! What I am  talking about is this... When I was walking up to my front door from coming back from errands .  A women  was on one of my neighbors steps handing out fliers. She then started to work pass me to give out the flier to the next home after mine. She never bothered to stop and ask if I wanted a flier. It was an advertisement for a reality company anyway. So the women who was working with her came running over to me from across the street and handed me a flier about the house she was selling around the block from mind. Ok I was dressed like I fell in to a ditch what can I say I like to be comfortable. 

But once the real estate lady got to talking she found out that I might look bum but I can hold my own  have  assets that might surprise her. Don't judge a person by what you see because if you do you might  lose a great opportunity. Because I was pass over the first time  by that real estate women's assistant  I don't know if I would do any business with her when I am ready. The real-estate lady herself was nice. But who knows. Just don't Judge people before you really talk to them.

                                                        So what do you think?

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