Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's Raining

Good Evening Everyone. Here's my story for today, it's raining coins not the  wet stuff. My partner decided that he wanted to clean out his home office. He was nice enough to give me all the coins he found. It was two bucks full of dimes, quarters, nickels and pennies. I have to wrap them up and take them to the bank. I am good with going all that coin wrapping,  because the coins will be heading to my investment coin challenge and my holiday club for 2016. Today was a good  coin day.
 I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah Holiday tonight is the first night for the holiday. Many blessings to you and your family. Also I am heading out next  weekend to Vegas and I am glad to say I am doing it cheap.....

I looked at JetBlue today to see how much my airline tickets would have cost me if I purchased them today. They are now going for $1518.00 for two people round trip from New York to Vegas. I got my tickets which I purchased in the summer at a JetBlue summer sale for $912.00 for two people round trip and I got front row seats with the extra leg room. I saved over $500 in airline fare alone.  My hotel which I am staying at for 7 days in Vegas  gave me  5 nights for free I do have to pay  the resort fees and the taxes.  I also have to pay for the Friday and Saturday night that we are staying over but overall for 7 nights my hotel bill is around $400 for the week. And this is in a strip hotel that charges people $120.00 a night during the week.    I got my rental car for under $200 for that week  we had a coupons for $75. off  a car rental. So this will be a very cheap trip for us. Now If I could get my gambling down to $50.00 a day with food included this would really be a super cheap trip! . So what do you think?

 Side Note: I purchased stock in JetBlue when it was $11.00 a share. Now it's up pass $25 so I think  the more I fly with JetBlue and the more other  people use them  the more money I make with it's stock. Go JetBlue!  I loved that  airline even before I purchased the stock.

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