Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Got A Gift!

Good Evening Everyone. I got my first Holiday Gift and it's was from  New York City  Department of Finance. They gifted me with a tax bill  of  $88. My property taxes had went up and instead of putting the extra $88 on to the amount I would owe them in June. They decided to bill me separately. I will say this to you New York City living is getting to expensive. Since I  have two homes I live in one home and rent the other we have 2 tax increased bills that was sent to us. The other was about $90  for the one we live in and $88. was the rental home.
What would have happen if I didn't have the money to pay this. The city has a right to put a tax lien on your home for  non- payment  and they do it.  I have seen  pages and pages of  property tax liens in my local  newspaper. Some people are  unable  to pay their property taxes because the taxes in New York are just to high. So after  not paying property taxes for a long time  their homes  block and lot number  get's listed in the paper in the tax lien section. 
 This is one of the money surprised that people get and some  have the money to deal with the surprise and some do not. That 's why I always believe in  putting money away for money surprises like this.  Because you never know when your going to get a money surprise that you have to pay. So what do you think?

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