Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Losing It!!

Hello all well here's the story for the week.. I am losing it, My hair that is . I am on a medication that I did not realize  one of the side effects is hair loss. My hair start getting shorter and shorter no matter what I did to it treatment wise. So I just said Freak it. I have to take this medication for my heath. So I  will   just  start wearing  wigs from now on. I saw one wig that I am going to get that had such soft hair. I was  feeling it all over with my hands  like it was mink. The sales lady was looking at me like I was crazy but it was so soft I couldn't help myself. At least with wigs which will cost me about $20 bucks a wig. I can be a different person when I put it on. Almost like playing pretend.  The only problem with wearing a wig is in the summer you sweat your butt off because the wig is hot to wear. It's  like your wearing a hat in the summer heat.

I am trying this one more time to get down to Atlantic City to visit family. Seems like every time I try and get there something  come  up. Which makes me cancel my trip. Wish me luck Trying to get there again. I use to love going to A.C. now I just go for family. Gambling is starting to play a back sit in my life I am more on the I like to cruise level then I like to gamble level now.

Well that's my story for the week. What do you think?

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