Friday, December 21, 2018


Hello All, well here's the story for the week. It's time to change me for the better. I know I am looking sexy in this picture (LOL) but.... I have come to realize it's time for a change and a confession.  Hello My name is Hill late 50's  I am a  sweets junkie, diabetic, overweight women (248 lbs) who needs to change for 2019. I have been a sweets junkie all of my life that's why I am a diabetic now and if things don't change it will be the death of me. So I have to change my lifestyle. The way I eat and do rather don't do  things like walking and taking better care of myself and 2019 will be my start to a new life.  I can really say that I am to old to be a sweets junkie. It's time to stop or die. My choice. 

I am also continuing my $1 a day challenge but now it's $2 a day. I am also cutting out sweets from my diet among other things. Hoping to get my diabetes under control and money for my cruise to Hawaii in the near future.  So that  my confession to you and I will let you know how things are going. For the most part last night after I came back from the doctor I threw out every sweet thing I had in my house  except for the cake I made on Sunday. But everything else went. It's a start.

                                                So what are your goal for 2019?
                                                    What do you think?


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