Monday, December 10, 2018


Hello all I am back from my Cruise on NCL Gem and it was not pretty. Let me tell you my story . I went on a cruise for 12 days to the Caribbean. It was a great deal on a ship that I thought would be good because I sailed on it before NCL GEM out of New York. Anyway it sucked!
Here's why..

 The food was all beef and pork and cold all day long. That's all they served  most of the time. It was pure salt and tasteless. They offered different nights in the buffet like Asian night, Russian night , Caribbean night but all the food was bland. Their dining room was decorated nice but the food still sucked. I had the specialty dinning package  food you guessed sucked there to.

The entertainment I have seen better in high school plays and  on America's got talent. Plus  it was the same 2 years ago when I went so I passed on the shows.

The other entertainment like the lounge bands were not good either and they nicked and dimed you for everything from selling jewelry, art, game show cards, lotteries etc. [. The  staff was clueless and didn't care about anything most of them anyway. I had heard from a passage that about 50  people from the staff quit when we were in St Kitts. So the mangers had to take over. Now you know that's bad when your employees quit during a cruise.

Over all the trip was not so good But.....

The good parts were the people we met were so nice, some of the staff was friendly and the islands  that we went to were warm and beautiful.

I got some great perks from this ship like free specialty dinning, $300 on board credit, all my excursions was free.  So I can't complain but so much. They even had a coffee maker in my room thank good I had my own coffee with me. Their coffee  on the ship was nasty.

Would I go on that ship again no. Would I cruise with someone else yes. As long as I get a lot of bang for my buck.

                                                So that's my story what did you think?

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