Tuesday, November 6, 2018


 Hello all, well here's the a story for the week. I am worried. why you might ask? Because I am getting older and the money part of my life along with the health part is worrying me. First let me talk to you about the money part. I depend on my partners income to live. I have not reached an age of retirement yet so my city pension has not kicked in. If my partner was not in the picture my income would go down quite a bit. So I am trying to find alternative ways to stay cheap and have money to live on without using all my saving. Got any suggestions???

The health part is about the same if my partner is no longer in the picture then I am covered for health insurance for 3 years and then..... I have to find a cheap health insurance company to pay for my medical and prescription drugs which I have a few. So right now I am looking in to all of this besides figuring out what we need to sell off in 2019. I know it's a lot right. So how are you doing today?

                                                              So what do you think?

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