Saturday, November 10, 2018


 Hello all, well here's my story today. I am disappointed in Bj's. I went over to the store yesterday because I have a gift certificate and I wanted to know how long I had  before it expired . I went into the store that I had not been in for over a year. I used a  coupon for the free 3 month membership.  That helped me from paying for a membership that I would not be using. I think they charge $50 for the year. 

So I looked around while I was there the lines were pretty long I guess since Thanksgiving is around the corner people are starting to stock up. But you know what I found..... That I can get  my food items that I normally would buy in BJ's cheaper somewhere else.

Yes I was disappointed. I knew that Bj's would give me more bank for my buck but really it doesn't. It's about the same prices that I would spend in other places and the boxes on the items I use to buy   are much smaller then they use to be. So I figure that when I do decide to use my gift certificate I will only be buying the things I really need. Since most of the stuff I would normally buy there I can get cheaper elsewhere. Plus their bakery department is not as good looking as it use to be.  Oh BJ's you disappoint me so....
                                               So that's my story what do you think?

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