Thursday, August 30, 2018

A.C. Bust

Hello All, Well here's the story back from Atlantic City. Some parts were a bust some pretty decent. . First I paid for my first night in Cesar's Hotel $75 dollars the rest of my stay which was 2 extra nights were complimentary. First off  I get to  my room did not have an ocean view as I requested. I had to go back down stairs and fight with them for a room with a view. Then I get to my new  room it was ok, nothing great. I did get my ocean view.  Then I checked my bed like always and  my bed sheets they had a stain  on them. Heck No!!! Hello  housekeeping come and get this nasty sheet off my bed.
Once housekeeping came then I tried to use the coffee maker it's broke. Once again Hello Housekeeping  bring me a new coffee maker. See how the vacations going so far?

Now on to the Hard Rock Casino it's a new one in Atlantic City. All I can say is that I hear them. The music was so loud in the place you could go deaf. They did have good waitress service but the drinks tasted liked flavored water without the liquor. The food was reasonable in price but cold and tasteless. They were not giving you any money away through their slot machines . So I left.

The only casino that showed me some love was Tropicana they gave me $75 in ShopRite gift cards. I won $250 bucks. They gave me a free magic show and I got $6 off my Hooters wings. I love the wings at hooters they are so good.

Overall I did get to the beach, the weather was nice and I visited family. A good vacation without some of the trouble spots to me. So what do you think?

P.S. I got $25 off my room charge so that was a good thing. Since we  complained  we had a right to  I think they just wanted us to shut-up so they paid us to. Works for me.

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