Saturday, January 20, 2018

Part-Time Job

Hello All, Well here's the story for the week. First I had a plumber come in to fix my radiator. Yes in my home I still have the old fashion one. It's cast iron to. Well he came in to fix it because it was making funny sounds. After he fixed it the bill is what made me scream. It cost me $250 just for him to come and put a small piece on  the radiator.  I could have purchased  that piece anywhere and much cheaper then $250. I even asked the plumber would he take $200 and he said no. So I had to cough up the $250 and I was mad about it. Plumbers are expensive.

Home Depot is hiring. I was in Home Depot yesterday and I saw this sign. I picked up a flier for their hiring information and went  on line to apply for a part-time job. After I did some research on what it was like to work there from fellow employees. I also saw  how much  they pay their part-times anywhere from $10.87-11.04 an hour. Depending on what position you have. I said I will pass. Why because most of the past part-time employees who use to work for Home Depot  stated that  you will only  get  between 16-20 hours a week. If I  work  16 hours a week at $10.72  an hour  my check would be $171.52 a week minus gas and lunch money, let's not forget good old uncle Sam. I would probably see about $80-90 a week if I am lucky.

I decided that it might not be worth it to stand on my feet all day and deal with rude and sometimes nasty customer and management. I did that before Hey I was a Case Worker for Welfare. Need I say more.  I now just have to figure out how to make my $80 dollars a week. Hey I would take $100 a months as long as I am making money.

 Well that's my story what do you think?

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