Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only a Dollar!

Today was the last day that I could buy my lottery tickets because I am money fasting for February. Which means come 12:00 o'clock tonight any  money that I spend has to be for food, shelter, transportation, taxes, bills only, nothing extra. For 28 day I am fasting or no money spending as some would call it. Well I had to get my lotto fix in and I purchase 3 lottery ticket and 2 scratch off and it only cost me $1 out of my pocket. How is that possible? Well I  won $5 from one of my old lottery tickets and my purchase of my new tickets cost me $6. So I only spend a dollar on my habit. I know what your saying. Your saying   that I really spent $6 because the $5 I  won was really my money. Yea your right but humor me on this. I won this money so to me this $5 was like found money which I  purchase my tickets with. Hey I had to Powerball is 260 million, Lotto is 7 million and Mega Million is 40 million. To win any of these would be great and doing it on found money would be even better!
       So what do you think???

To Pay Or Not!

This is the debate for the week. I live in a neighborhood that has yearly association fees of $25. It's not mandatory that you pay them it's a suggestion. This money that the association collects helps the neighborhood when it comes to certain repairs in the neighborhood. They  have a community   newsletter that tells you what's going on in the neighborhood, hold events like wine tasting,street fairs ( which as a member you can set up a table to sell stuff for free). They also try and help if there is minor problems in the neighborhood. I have talked to the Associations president many times and he's nice but he's doesn't do anything or offer any positive advice when I went to him about things relating to my neighborhood. Well the debate is this the bill for the association is due and I say  don't pay it. For my $25 they have done nothing for me. My partner says we have not paid for the last 2 years.  I said "so what"! they have not done anything to deserve our money.  What would you do? Pay the association fees out of loyalty for the neighborhood or don't pay them because they don't do enough for your $25 that warrants the money?
                                                                So what do you think???


Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Way To Make Money

I was thinking that this would be a good way to make some money. I purchased these tickets $32 dollars worth and I won...........Nothing. I guess that this is not such a good way to spend  money in order to make it .
                                                           So what do you think?? 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Janurary $2 Dollar Update

I am trying to keep myself as well as you updated  when it comes to my $2 dollars a day challenge. For January I have made  $39 in total. It's not bad but I know I need to do better. The reason why this is so low is that mystery shopping jobs were not worth the time that they want you to spend doing the job for the little bit of money they are offering. My Bononza shop is not making any sales and my book sale are zero. All of this is unacceptable to me. OK, I will admit I have been a bit lazy when it comes to getting my $2 but February will be different. I just know it will. On to another topic I am so done with snow. See for yourself

Since we had the snow storm in New York it was shovel, shovel shovel shuffle. Which I am so over snow and shoveling since I have lived in New York all of my life. Snow is not cute and fun any more it just a pain in the A**. I think a warmer place with no snow is calling my name.
                                                   So what do you think???

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IS This Real???

I was in the supermarket the other day and that is what caught my eye. This is lasagna with meat sauce frozen in a seal package. But when I saw this to me it looks like something that you would  display  in a restaurant to people to entice them to come in and try it. I think this dinner cost $5.99.  I don't think I would spend the money to try it to fake looking to me. Here's another one......

This is stuffed pork chops with sweet potatoes, peas and something brown on the side. Look tasty right- kidding. It never ceases to amaze me what I will find in supermarket these day for people to eat.    
                                                       So what do you think???

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Storm Is Here!!!

According  to my Mayor New York is expecting a big snow storm( so what else is new ??) well with this snow store we are advised really told to stay off the street and the highways or be subject to fines and arrest.  This storm is suppose to be just that bad. I am ready I have my junk food, book and  movies ready for a cold winters night. What I don't have is the extra money that this snow storm is costing me. We purchased an extra bag of salt  from our local gas station that cost $15 a bag compared to the normal $9 dollars a bag that we would get at Home Depot. We also had to buy  gas for our  snow blower that cost $15. The extra food that I had to  run out late last night to get from Pathmark cost me a  $70 bucks  because the weather person stated that the snow storm would last until Wednesday and I did not want to be without the basics and plenty of the extra stuff food stuff we might need. Also the extra money I will be paying in heating my house because the temperature has now dropped down to 20 degrees.  This snow storm is more expense then it's worth. Right about now Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii  anywhere that's has no snow is looking pretty good to me!
                                                 So what do you think???

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I AM Special

That's right I am special. I got a Black Card from Visa. Well an application to apply for one anyway. I told Visa thanks for the love but paying you $495 a year to use your card is crazy. Your interest rate of 14.99% is crazy and your late fees of $35 and up is you guessed it crazy..... But thanks for thinking about me.
 Now on to other things it snowed and rained  today in New York, thank god it was more slush then real snow which made it easy to shovel. After shoveling  sister was tired, cold and hungry. My partner made a good ham and potato's  for dinner with jello with fruit in it for dessert. I love Jello. He also made chocolate pudding I love that to. We spend the rainy / cold Saturday watching a comedy show on TV which was pretty good I might add. The best part of today was that I did not spend any money. Sorry I lied about that I did spend $109 dollars today. I had to purchase shares of Dreamworks for $19 dollars a share. With the purchase and transaction fee this cost me $109. But it's worth it I feel Dreamworks will come back a strong company and when it does it will pay me a nice dividend. Besides I like the people running it and their movies are great!
                                                   So what do you think???  

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Made $$$

I got a notice in my e mail yesterday that said I had a payment coming from  my Kindle account. I was excited because I have a few books on kindle that were not selling to good. So I thought someone had finally purchased my book. when I looked at how much kindle is paying me 52 cents. I say "What the H*LL! Here I was getting excited and I made 52 cents off of what I do not know, but you know what I will take it. It's beats getting nothing at all, and this also forces me to take a look at my kindle books and see why my books are not selling like they should be. Also are you getting your things together for your taxes?. I am. I need my tax money since this will be the last time that I can get money back from working. I can't wait to see what I am getting back  Hopefully it's enough to cover me for at least 2-3 months. I told you right I am trying to not use any of my partners money and use my own money that I make for my personal needs which are very few. But since he takes care of all the bills the least I can do is pay my own way when it comes to my wants and needs. That's far right?   I am also  trying to make money so I can still invest in my stocks and retirement like I did when I was working  which right now it's not so easy to do since I do not have my  $640 bi weekly paycheck  coming in like I use to have when I was working. I will keep you posted on my progress. And yes I am still doing the two dollar challenge which that is where my 52 cents from kindle is going!! So what do you think???

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That's All I Make!!!

My partner and I were going over some documents today and he came across one of my paychecks. Then the trouble started he figured out  what I was making an hour after all of my deductions. It was $3.50 an hour which adds up to  $24.50 a day. Mine you I had a lot of deductions coming out of my check which included  taxes/ insurance/union dues/ medical/ saving/checking account, my investment/retirement. So that was why my hourly rate was so small. But then my partner started adding up what I spent in a day  which was $22.50 for transportation with the long island rail road being $20 one way and  mass transit being $2.50 one way that adds up to $22.50 daily. I know what your saying why spend so much on the long island rail road when you can take mass transit both ways for $2.50 cents each way. Because I have a medical condition that would not allow me to use mass transit going home. So I spent the extra money to get home faster because of it. As far as lunch I use to bring my own breakfast and lunch and even  extra stuff to eat from home.  So no money was spent there  basically I made $24.50 daily spent $22.50 daily which leaves me with $2 to spend anyway I wanted. I felt rich with that extra  $2 that I had. My needs were basic like I really did not buy or want anything.    My basic bills and food were covered by my partner and I was saving  most of my working money for my retirement. So with all that being said if I can make it on $24.50 a day then anything that I make not working that job will be a blessing and think of it this way I am really saving $22.50 a day and my health is getting better  because I don't have to travel so much anymore. So it's really a win win situation.  what do you think???

Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Reading

It's getting colder outside and the picking are slim when it comes to making any money. So I decided I might as well read how the millionaires live and how to be more frugal with my money then I already am. That is one thing that I can say about myself is that I love to read and anything dealing with money , investing being a cheapskate I eat it up. Not that I am not cheap already I am in some situations in other not so much. So I read to better myself. What about you what kinda books do you read???
On another topic right now I am trying to get myself organized because good old income tax time  is on it's ways and I need to prepare for it. This is the last income tax check I will be getting by myself. After this year, next year I will probably file under my partner since he will be claiming me as a dependent. We will see how that goes. Hopefully my Uncle SAM will be good to me and give me some money back this year  because I could sure use it! 
So what do you think??/

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This is The Reason


This the reason why I had to spend $25 dollars on Lotto & Mega Million.( This money comes out of my gambling allowance for the month  which is $30) Did you hear about the retired educators that won 326 million dollars. If they can win at least I have some hope( I think). This couple have been teaching for more then 75 year combined so you know  they have a nice pension and social security check coming in and now this! What the heck I might as well spend a few bucks to see what happens. Hey like they say "You never know"! Now back to other things that I wanted to share with you . Since I see that the  selling markets and the mystery shop jobs are so so low or non existence  in the making of money. I have decided to start doing sweepstakes, entering them to see what happens. But you know I am picky I only enter the ones that offer money, vacations ,cars, and  homes. Most of the times I really don't believe in sweepstakes but hey like lotto you never know I might win something. And If I did that would be money or an item I could sell for money. Think about that free stuff to make money off of!
I am really trying to create a cash flow for me I need about $100-200 bucks a month for spending money and  I really do not want to touch my saving account  because that's for emergencies.
                                                          Got any suggestions???

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two Dollar Callenge In Review

This was my first full week of the two dollar challenge and I made...............Drumroll................ $2 dollars for the week. Yep you hear it right only two dollars for the week. What I did was put more stuff out to sell on my Bonanza page, looked in to mystery shopping, surveys taking, looked for coins in the street. Nothing nada, zippo. But I am still trying hey the month is still young and I still have some thoughts lingering in my head as to how to make  my $2. On another topic. Warehouse stores places like Costco's , PJ's and Sam's club. Places were you get these giant size packaged foods for so called cheap . Well that is not happening anymore. I went to my local Pj's yesterday to pick up some basic items. it's seem that the prices in these warehouse club stores are getting higher while the quality of the products are getting smaller. I am so over shopping there. What I also noticed is that the people  that were shopping the same time I was was only buying what they really needed to get nothing else. It use to be a time when I would see people filling their shopping carts with stuff, not anymore it 's either because these places have gotten to expensive or the budget  people have has gotten tighter. Either way warehouse shopping clubs are to expensive for me anymore. My price for shopping at Pj's yesterday $135. and I used all the coupons that I could get my hands on and still came out with hardly anything. So what do you think??? 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good Deals!

This past weekend I must confess I had to go and see what the after holiday sales were. Here is what I got. A snoopy  holiday doll for $3. A lantern for $2, watch & wallet set for $1.50 each. toy soldiers 50 cents. I must have spent $15 for everything. This way I get great stuff for 75-90% off the original price. I save this and give them for gifts next year. I like to start my holiday shopping early to get the good bargains.
Also since it has been so cold outside 18-25 degree's  where I live I have been staying put and working on how I can bring more money in. So I have had 2 no spend money days. Yea!  I also have been working on putting more out in my  Bonanza shop and also I am putting more books in my Half price shop Just to see if I can make money there. So far no good mystery shops have come my way But like always I am still looking.
                                                 So what do you think???

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I had a chance to sit  down and listen to my inner self. What was told to me was that I need to create a stronger relationship with my faith. By creating this stronger relationship I will be able to see what needs to be done in my life and not pass over it like I have been doing. Thinking that everything will be OK. When in actually it will not if I keep going down the path of ignorance. I have decided to listen to my inner self and make one of my goal this year to build my faith and my relationships and to believe in myself more. I alone can achieve great things if I set my mine to it. And so can you. What do you think???  Have faith and believe!

My Addiction

I am watching Extreme Cheapskates on youtube and taking notes. I know some of the things these people do are crazy, but somethings they do  are just good ideas when it comes to saving money. For example there is a Real Estate women who uses her own furniture to stage the homes that she is selling. Or if her furniture is not enough she will enlist some local vendors and have them bring their furniture, rugs, lamps that they are selling in to the home she is selling so that they can display their items and might even get to sell it. She makes a small commission if any of her vendors stuff sells at her open house This real estate agents differently thinks outside of the box when it comes to being a creative real estate agent and saving money. Her reason is that she works on commission and she never know when her money is coming in and she has 3 kids to raise. Anyway you can save money to me is great. The key to these stories is make saving a fun  games and see how low can you go when it comes to spending money! So what do you think???

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It Pays!!!

It pays to complain if your not satisfied with a product or service. On our trip to Vegas we used Jetblue airlines to get there ( I love Jetblue) well my partners TV set did not work and the waitress on the going flight was rude.  When we got back home he called Jet blue and told them all about it. They apologized and then they gave him a $50 credit toward his next flight which I will be using in the summertime.
Also I went shopping today I know I have no money but the discounts on Christmas items were cheap like 75-80% cheap. So I picked up somethings to give as gifts for next year. Some of the stuff was dirt cheap like a camera for $3, leather mens gloves for $2.50, small tins of cookies.39 cents( that's for me) reading lights and family picture frames. $2. I spent $25 with a $5 off coupons I actually spent $20 on 5 things that I will be giving for the holidays next year. So what do you think???

Friday, January 2, 2015

To Expensive!

Happy 2015 everybody. Hope that your New Years was just as good and quite as mine. Well let me tell you what happen today. I received a statement in the mail from my partners drug plan company. Since I have no drug coverage of my own I am now covered under his plan( thank god) I looked at the drug statement and just for my drugs alone which is about 2 different kinds I am a diabetic and I need to take these bills. Well we paid $20 for the two bottles out of pocket, but the real cost of the drugs were $601.01. I Had to do a double take on how much prescription medication cost. That is why it's so important that you have some kind of drug plan to cover your drugs. If I were not on my partners plan I would have been on my employers plan which would have cost me about the same amount $15 out of pocket. But If I had no plan then I had no medication because with very little money coming from  on my part  there is no way I could afford my medication. If I really had to have my meds then I   would have dipped into my saving account which I would really not want to do. Now I see how people living on a fixed income have to make the choices to eat or medicate. That's a hard choice for anybody. So what do you think???

Thursday, January 1, 2015

To Feel Free

I woke up in 2015 wanting to feel free. I want this year to be full of possibilities in my life. I want to break out of my comfort zone and do the impossible. I want to start making my own money since their is no job money to depend upon anymore. I want to meet and see new things that I will remember forever. I want to be , Spirited  Frugal & Very Very Free.... Happy 2015!