Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Walking Away

Hello everyone, Well here's the story for today. Do you know when to walk away from things? Say if you in debt and you see something that you want to buy but you need that money to pay down on  your debt. Do you walk away from a want to pay for a need? What about a toxic relationship that you know you need to get the heck out of . Can you walk away from it. Do you even know how to walk away? Well it's time for me to walk away from certain things and the first is......
Playing Lotto 
I realized that in 2017 alone I have spend several hundred dollars on a game of chance . When really I had no chance of winning  in the first place. After I took a long hard  look at my losing tickets I  said wow I could have had a nice..... something with the money I spent on all these tickets.
 I finally said for 2018 Freak it lotto I am giving you up for good. It's a waste of money that I am not making anymore. Remember I am out of work.


 I will go to the ends of the earth for cake. I love cake and because of my love for the sweet stuff. I am now a diabetic. Ok I was eating more then cake to become diabetic , but you get the point. So I have to give up my addiction for cake. This will be hard because once you have been a cake junkie for years like I have the sweets are now in my system. It's like me breathing air  I have to have it. 
So these are some of the things I am giving up in 2018. What do you think?

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. If you say snow and me being from New York I take off running to Home Depot. If you live in a city like I do and the weather man say's snow then we New Yorkers try and get ready for it. I ran to Home Depot yesterday and I got my bags of salt and now I am ready. We might not have a lot of snow but I am still ready for it.  

Pay attention to your money. That's what I have always been taught. Especially since I am not working and my money is limited to the amount in my saving account. My gardener presented me with a fall clean up bill today and it was way over the expected amount. He wanted to charge me $200 but I talked him down to $150. which was still expensive but I remembered that I still owed him for  November's yard clean up, he never asked for it. So I figured that my $150 covered the November lawn care and the fall clean up. Works for me. 

I am starting to change my life for 2018, I am looking for work that I can do from home and more ways to lose some weight. My knees went out on my yesterday and I was in pain. I figure it's either weight or age and I am not that old!!!
So that's' my story what do you think?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dec Already???

Hello all well here's the story for the week. First it's December 1th already. What happen to the year. It flew by so fast. So what are your Deember plans?

Here's what happened first in November I got a great Holiday gift  My property tax was raised great gift right. So I had to send a check for $90 extra. Did I mention I am already paying about $4986.78 a year for property taxes on my house. Now every year I can look forward to an extra increase. How nice......

I felt good yesterday because I finally got rid of a lot of stuff that I didn't want. I donated it to charity. Did I mention I love cleaning out my house.  It makes me feel good. If it was up to me I could live in a empty house with just a bed, tv  and some other basics. None of all that extra stuff that you don't really need. I still have a lot more to donate but I am doing it one room at a time.

Hopefully before the months over I will be getting my new front door which is badly needed. New windows and a new mattress. Trust me if these things were not needed they would not be purchased. The front door and windows I am suprise to say came out cheap $3000. For 4 windows and a door. The mattress still looking at getting a good deal on it. I am a cheapskate you know.

I like that the months starts all over again and you get to start fresh. I told you what my goals are and I will be keeping them this year starting with today. So that's my story Have a great Dec 1th.
                                                         So what do you think?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 Challenges

Hello All. well here's the story so far. Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are here but...... I am still think ahead to my challenges for 2018. I am still doing the

Coin Challenge - This is where I save all my coins and deposit them in to my Kellogg's stock and see what I come out with at the end of each years just from saving coins. My total so far for my Kellogg's stock is $353. Not bad for just giving then $25 in coins when I get it.

A Dollar A Day Challenge- We all know this one it's where I save a dollar a day doing mystery shops, returning bottles, online surveys etc. Anything to make a buck. I take my dollars and put it into my piggy bank and use that money for my cruises. Which I seem to go on one a year now.

Lose Weight Challenge- This is a new one I am 240lbs and that's not good. I got a fat neck among other things and I need to lose this weight. So that  will be my goal in 2018. If I could lose 25lbs and start eating right I would be a happy camper.

These are my 2018 goals which I will be cheating and starting on Dec 1th this Friday. So what are your 2018 goals and plans???

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy ThanksGiving

 Hello All, Just wanted to give you some Thanksgiving Humor Happy Thanksgiving, Stay Safe and Blessed!