Thursday, January 4, 2018

How Much!!!

Hello All well here's my snow story for today. Remember when I told you that I ran around getting bags of ice melt because of this snow storm. Well I got 2 bags and I paid about $40 bucks for the two. When the storm hit it gave New York a lot of heavy wind and snow. That's was ok because I was ready for it until...... My Gardner rang my bell today saying that he would shovel my snow and do my driveway and salt all for $100. I told him I will pass then he said $80 I said no thanks  I will do it myself. Then he said  I will do it for $75. I said Deal!!!

The reason I spend so much is number one he did a damn good job and I threw in extra stuff for him to do like clean  the snow off all of my cars( I have 3) and dig my frozen garbage cans out. Which he did. He had a big snow removal machine plus 3 men with him. He did my house in less then 15 minutes. It would have taken me about 2 hours plus  to do  what he did in 15 minutes.Plus it's about 10 degrees outside with the wind blowing 50 miles per hour. So yes it was expensive but it was worth it for me not  and possible get sick from it.

So far the start of the year  has cost me more money then I wanted to spend but hopefully the pay offs will be  worth all that I am spending this year. So what do you think?

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