Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Jan 1th!!!

Hello all , Ok here's the story for the holidays.  The week between Christmas and New Year's my hot water started acting funny. I mean I didn't have any. I called the company I deal with Petro because I have a contract with them to service my heating unit. Which  might I add it's a brand new system that I spend several thousand dollars for. Anyway the hot water is out I called a guy  from the company  to come fix it. He comes and states that I need a new heating coil which is not under the contract that I paid extra for. The coil will cost $300 but I have a $250 credit. So I called the company to see if they would eat the extra $50 since this is a new machine and breakdowns should not be happing so soon. You know I am still waiting for a call back from the company. Happy Holidays to me the ending of  and old year 2017  started with me paying money for a part that's not even under contract Darn!!!

For the first day of the New Year it was quite I got rid of a lot of stuff by ripping up and shredding all my old papers and credit cards. I cleaned house now I am ready to start the New Year right. I am looking for ways that I can earn money on and off line. I have a vacation I need to fund.

                   Besides all of that I hope that you and your family have a Safe and Happy 2018.
                                                              So what do you think?  

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