Sunday, January 7, 2018


Hello All, well here's my story for the first full week of 2018. I am bummed out  here are the reasons why.

My $1 a day challenge is not going so well. I made no money this week. But I did have a few no spend money days since it was to cold to go outside. But this is not the challenge that I was going for.

I tried doing surveys that state they will pay you to answer these questions. Yes you get paid like 2-4weeks from the day you complete the survey. By that time I won't even remember what I did let alone how much I did it for. So surveys in my book Suck!

Mystery Shopping seems to have dried up for the winter. The shops that I was counting on to do for the winter months are missing in actions. The shops boards of some of the companies I mystery shop board have nothing that I can do. So I am out getting money from that source for a while.

If you have not heard let me be the first to tell you I did not win Powerball or Mega Millions. I just knew I would be the winner of all those millions. So you know I am really bummed out about that.

My diet plan  fell through. I am a serious sweets junkies.  I see that now and I will have to fight with myself to stop my addiction to junk food and lose weight.  I am so upset with myself.  I never realized how serious my addiction to junk food was until now.

                                                                What do you think?

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