Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Good Day!

Hello all well Here's the story just for today. I am doing a happy dance because.... I played my holiday numbers and they came out. That's right my lotto number came out in box  so that's $80 bucks for me. Happy Holiday to me!
 I am happy  that it came out I have been playing the same number every year at Christmas for the last 10 years and it shows that sometimes when you keep doing something it pays off.  Not all the time but sometime.Now what to do with my 80 bucks???

 Never Again! I went to my local CVS Pharmacy today to pick up some items and also to look at the holidays items that were suppose to be 50% off. There were not to many holiday items with the 50% off tickets that I was interested in buying. But they did have a sale on cereal for $1.99 I picked up two boxes. Went to check out and I did not have my CVS card with me or the 25% off coupon. The cashier would not right the sale up without my card. The cereal came up to $4.99 each if I decided to purchased it anyway. I did not . But I was mad at myself because I am going to do better this year when it comes to having all my discount cards in order and taking my coupons with me wherever I go. Well that's the story the good and the bad what do you think?

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