Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Is Not Free

Good Morning Everyone.  Well here is the story for today. I got  card in the mail from Norwegian Cruise Line and you see where it says Book a Complimentary Stateroom by Aug 28 2015. When I read that I got on the phone quick fast to get my free stateroom. After being on hold for almost an hour. I finally talked to the women from the cruse line, she told me that yes they are offering complimentary state rooms but........... These rooms are windowless and with port charges and taxes it would cost me $300 per person.

Now if  I get a room with a window then  the  cost goes up to $400 per person. I want a room with a balcony like I had before then......... That  cost would be $700 per person this is just  for the port charges and tax  Tips are not included and airfare to get to the ship would be extra. The cruse is either  going to  Mexico or the Caribbean for 7 days  and it's  leaving from Florida. My question is what happen to free stateroom??  The cheapest I could go for would be the windowless cabin at $600 for the both of us, But have you seen  a windowless cabin on a ship  it's like living in a box for 7 days no thank you. I want a balcony... for free no less. I told my partner and he said I can get the same deal with added incentives like $200 on board credit, dine anywhere you want for free kinda thing for the same price and I would get my balcony room in this deal. So the story to this is sometimes free can cost you..
What do you think? 

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